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Cedar Mulch: Benefits Of Cedar Mulch

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For gardening, it is preferable to use organic mulch over non-organic mulch. This is simply because organic mulch will blend more naturally with the existing soil. It also breaks down to a very fine form and provides more nutrients for the soil.

One of the most common types of mulch is the cedar mulch. Cedar mulch is also known as cedar bark mulch and is very advisable to use for perennial flowerbeds. This type of mulch has become popular since the use of cypress mulch has been minimized. Unlike cypress mulch, black cedar mulch is made from leftovers in carpentry work and from recycled cedar wood which makes it a more ecological choice for gardeners and landscape artists.

In terms of longevity, cedar mulch lasts longer than other types of mulch before it completely breaks down, saving you money and time for replacement. Maintaining a beautifully landscaped garden requires time and effort that’s why using red cedar mulch is very much recommended for people who do not usually have time to tend to their gardens or have no means to hire a gardener. Another benefit of cedar mulch is the natural oils it possesses that repels bugs and insects, thus eliminating the need for a pesticide.

As every garden enthusiast knows, the roots are in need of solid protection during cold seasons as the roots cannot stand freezing temperatures. A cedar mulch is often used to counter this. It has to be applied after 2-3 days of constant freezing temperatures and normally 4 or 5 inches of cedar mulch is needed during winter. However, the correct application is very important to avoid rodents and pests. It should not be applied too early and it has to be removed from the plants once the winter has passed to avoid suffocation.

Cedar mulch is also great to use during summer for weed control. Here, only 2 and a half inches of cedar mulch should be applied as it is thick enough to block the growth of weed and too small for rodents to make home.


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