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Glass Mulch: How To Make Your Own Glass Mulch

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Glass mulch is a type of mulch that is used for a purpose very different from that of the usual soil use. It is typically used as ornaments for gardens and is always great for landscaping. Glass mulch comes from recycled glass and is environmentally friendly, one of the good reasons why landscape artists continue to use this for their clients’ lawns and gardens.

A lot of people make their own glass mulch simply by breaking old bottles or those that are no longer in use. Wine bottles are great for making glass mulch since they already come in colors which could be used for decorations. Beer bottles are also used for the same purpose.

A glass mulch would look better if the broken glasses are of the same color rather than a mix of different old bottles that may not ensure a coherent color when turned into a mulch.

Although self-made glass mulch is the cheapest way to go when creating a beautifully designed garden, it tends to have sharp edges and is not advisable to put in places commonly visited by children and pets. It is also not recommended to be put on paths where people may walk without shoes, such as lawns. If you wish to use glass mulch, you have to consider the areas where it could be most useful and appropriate.

Say for example you have blue glass mulch. A blue glass mulch can look best when put around a fountain to complement the running water. It is also great to look at on walls as a backdrop of the fountain to enhance the stream of water and make it sparkle.

Glass mulch is not the cheapest gardening or landscaping tool to purchase, but it is a safer choice only because it has much less sharp edges as it is tumbled before being sold. You also have access to a variety of colors and textures and you are not limited to the colors of recycled glass you may collect at home. A tumbled glass mulch landscape will certainly beautify your garden.


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