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Laying of Plastic Mulch on Raised Bed

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Laying of Plastic Mulch on our Farm in Jamaica using a Mechanical Plastic Mulch Layer

This machine can shape and compress a mound of soil, fumigate, insert trickle irrigation tape and lay plastic mulch all in the one pass. Available from Tatura Engineering Victoria Australia – Phone Alex Carter 0408 241 998
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8 Responses to “Laying of Plastic Mulch on Raised Bed”
  1. eyechubcunt says:

    what are they going to grow? Maize?

  2. bronzesel says:

    @slacker361 some is bio-degradable, its actually made of poultry feathers. They can just plow it under. The other you have to get up by hand. Which is alot of work. Still if done correctly you can plant several crops on one pull.

  3. slacker361 says:

    how do you get the plastic back up after the season is over

  4. rsingh81 says:

    WOW Truley Amazing
    any way you could post some better pics of this implement. to show how it works

    Well done best i have seen.

  5. pavkey88 says:

    That’s very similar, but not quite as good as- Kennco’s high speed plastic mulch layer. The vegetable growers up the street use it and it’s amazing. In case you’re looking for a mulch layer….just google: kennco plastic mulch layer

  6. acartertateng says:

    The former in this machine is 340mm high. The finished bed hight can vary a little depending on the soil condition at the time.

  7. kaoyaj209 says:

    how high are the beds??

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