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Plastic Mulch: Why Plastic Mulch Is Used In Agriculture

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You can never overlook the usefulness of mulch in your gardening activities. Not only does it reduce your workload, it also allows plants to actually grow and look better. Mulch manufacturers have come to produce many types of mulch that achieves specific purposes. Plastic mulch has never been the first choice of gardeners and landscape artists due to its unappealing physical look.

In farming, however, plastic mulch is preferred. This is due to the fact that although plastic mulch doesn’t score big in the aesthetics area, it is proven to be very productive. There are several benefits in using plastic mulch. Crop areas are often big areas. Every bit of productivity is important and increased exponentially. This is the very reason why plastic mulch is used mainly in big scale agriculture with drip irrigation. They use plastic mulch machines to put the layers on.

Compared to other types of mulch such as cypress mulch, plastic mulch is known as the better mulch when it comes to altering the soil’s temperature. Since plastic intercepts sunlight, it allows earlier planting and faster growth. The development of the plants is also dependent on the color of the plastic mulch. White plastic mulch is good for reducing the temperature since it reflects and does not take much heat from the sun.

Dark plastic mulch absorbs heat and radiates the heat to the soil during the night, compensating for the cold. Plastic is great in retaining moisture. It is not permeable and water doesn’t escape during evaporation, minimizing the need for irrigation. Plant stress is greatly reduced when using plastic mulch since the the liquid from evaporation falls back to the soil in an evenly manner.

Another advantage in using plastic mulch is that it keeps the soil clean. Any foreign object that falls to the soil can be easily identified and removed as opposed to other types of mulch which is harder to maintain. Also, plastic mulch reduces root damage by less cultivation.

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