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Various Types Of Mulch

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Mulch is a covering for the soil used to accomplish different effects in gardening, farming, or landscaping. There are several types of mulch that manufacturers offer to cater to people’s varying needs. It is unlikely that one manufacturer could produce all the different kinds of mulch.

Mulch is generally classified into either organic and inorganic type of mulch, depending on what material they are made from. Organic mulch is used more commonly for gardening. It can be made from grass, hay, bark, cocoa beans, straw, and sawdust. It is considered very ecological as it adds nutrients to the soil. Organic mulch regulates the soil temperature, retains soil’s moisture, and works great in preventing the weed to grow out.

Non-organic mulch, on the other hand, is made out of rubber, plastic, and other recycled materials. It doesn’t naturally break down like organic mulch, therefore it doesn’t become a part of the soil. However, using non-organic mulch can come cheaper on the budget since it can be used longer than necessary and is not permeable; a characteristic that you would like your tools or garden ingredients to possess.

Mulch can also be classified according to its purpose. It can be a farming mulch, a landscaping mulch, or a gardening mulch. Farming mulch completely dismisses aesthetics. Its purpose is centered mostly on productivity and plant growth. Farming mulch depends on the area to be cultivated and the crop. They are usually paired with a system of irrigation. Plastic mulch best represents this type of mulch combined with drip irrigation. It is preferred by farmers as it greatly helps keep the soil free of foreign objects or certain parts of the plants that wither and fall to the ground.

A landscaping mulch’s purpose is mostly directed on the aesthetics of an area. Although landscaping mulch can be used for planting, this type of mulch is more often used for decoration. One good example is a rubber mulch that can be used either for growing plants or covering a children’s playground.

Another good example of a landscaping mulch is the glass mulch. It isn’t used for plant growing, but it is great for decorating the garden.

Gardening mulch is a type of mulch that combines the purposes of farming and landscaping mulches. It helps the plants grow to its best state, at the same time making the lawn or landscape look amazing.


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